APTMS services


Sales Representation

Our Clients are strongly represented to all segments of the travel industry in Australia and New Zealand, from senior wholesale and retail management to the front-line reservations agents and consultants. Execution of regular sales calls and training seminars occur throughout Australia and New Zealand according to wholesaler needs, an agency’s business mix and their potential for revenue generation.

Market Representation

Extensive annual comparative studies, with monthly and quarterly reviews are used to ensure correct market positioning for our clients. This, with competitive analysis, maximises our product standing and counters competitor positioning with new markets constantly being investigated.


As GSA to the brands that we so proudly represent, we maintain a sophisticated computer reservations system and sales database to instantly assist with any client enquiry, whether informational or a booking need, where results are tracked and opportunities therefore always monitored.

Comprehensive Training

Frequent product seminars are run throughout Australia to give a working knowledge of our clients’ products and an understanding of procedures. Familiarisation tours are organised to provide top retail consultants or relevant wholesale product management with an understanding of our clients’ products and services.

Public Relations

APTMS is proud to be able to facilitate marketing collateral design, brand promotion and awareness activity, and media placement advice and implantation. We enjoy excellent relations with leading consumer and trade journalists, both in print and electronic media, and regularly engage with targeted consumer audiences through social media activity and strategic campaigning. This helps to give good exposure of our clients’ services to the widest possible audience.