USA One-way Fees 2018

Alamo Car Rental One-way rental restrictions:

  • One-way rentals for luxury and specialty vehicles are available on request only.
  • One-way rentals are not available in Alaska.
  • One-way rentals are not available for Economy 2 or 4-door vehicles anywhere in the USA and Canada.
  • One-way rentals trans-border are available to/from some locations and may incur additional fees.

All one-ways listed below are free and any not included in this list are subject to one-way drop fees, which are calculated using the table below.

USA Waived/Reduced One Ways (Asia Pacific Region only)



















Important Information
Rentals commencing 01 July 2018 – 31 August 2018
Intercity fees from all San Francisco Locations for the STAR (Convertible) to all destina-tions will be charged at 350.00 USD
Intercity fees from all San Francisco DOWNTOWN Locations for all car types excluding the STAR (Convertible) to Los Angeles (LAXT71) will be charged at 150.00 USD, LAS VEGAS (LAST71) will be charged at 300.00 USD and all SAN DIEGO Locations (SANO71,SANN73,SANN74) will be charged at 300.00 USD

San Francisco (All Locations) to Los Angeles – $399
San Francisco (All Locations) to San Diego (All Locations) – $399
San Francisco (All Locations) to Las Vegas – $399
**Please note the change does not affect vice versa journeys

Canada Waived/Reduced One Ways
Zero charge – airports – Vancouver-Calgary, Toronto-Montreal, Montreal-Toronto
Zero charge – all locations – Vancouver-Vancouver, Calgary-Calgary, Montreal-Montreal, Toronto-Toronto
Calgary-Vancouver (airport only) will be CAD $150 instead of CAD $300

Drop-off charges:

  • All charges are valid for advance reservations made on designated inbound rates from the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and are payable in the local currency and subject to tax of the country where the car is picked up.
  • Drop-off charges are subject to change without notice.
  • Drop-off charges are calculated based on the distance in air miles for USA and kilometres for Canada. The following website can be used to assist in calculating the miles and should be used as a guide only: