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 Daniele’s Easia Travel Experience

June 2017

Daniele discovers the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia and gives us some insight into what it’s like to receive the Easia Travel treatment.

Hanauma Bay

Sakia’s Hawaii Famil

February 2017

After a Hawaii famil in late 2016, Saskia shares her photos and her favourite aspects of the islands.


Photo credit: David Kirkland/Samoa Tourism

Photo credit: David Kirkland/Samoa Tourism

 21 Things to Do in Samoa

June 2016

Le Vasa Resort brings us the most comprehensive list of what Samoa has to offer for curious travellers.

Big Kahuna Luau performers

The Big Kahuna Luau Review

October 2015

Bec tells us about her first hand experience of Discover Hawaii Tours’ luau… and it doesn’t disappoint!

 Alamo Rent-A-Car Convertible

One day Daytona escape

August 2015

Bec takes an Alamo convertible for a spin through Daytona and the historical town of St Augustine.


Driving through Valley of Fire

 Road Tripping from Vegas to Anaheim through the Valley of Fire

August 2015

Bec continues her USA travels, bound from Las Vegas to Anaheim with Alamo Rent-A-Car.

 Eaglerider scooters at Red Rock Canyon


Bec’s Eaglerider Red Rock Scooter Experience

August 2015

Bec recounts her day with Eaglerider on the Red Rock Scooter Tour from Las Vegas.

 Los Angeles Hollywood sign


 LA to Vegas Road trip with Alamo

August 2015

Bec’s USA trip begins in Los Angeles before embarking on a dream US Route 66 road trip to Vegas.

Mother's Bath Beach Go West Tours

A Go West Tours Team Experience

June 2015

Kym and Kylee discover the USA’s east coast on the ‘Easter Highlights’ Go West tour.

The Grand Canyon

Tanya Experiences ‘Forever West’ With Go West Tours

June 2015

Tanya is treated to the highlights of the wild west with Go West Tours, including the Grand Canyon, Vegas and Yosemite!


Kylee, Kym and Gaye in Hawaii

Kym’s Hawaii Famil

March 2015

Kym, Tanya, Gaye and Kylee spend time in beautiful Hawaii and pay a visit to the Aston and Aqua properties.


Couple on a road trip in the usa

Rental Car – Road Tripping in the USA

January 2015

Get answers to the big questions about planning your road trip in the USA. One way rentals, insurances, specials and more are covered here.


big kahuna luau discover hawaii tours

 7 days in Waikiki

August 2014

Our team takes on Waikiki for a week with Aston Hotels & Resorts, Aqua Hospitality and Discover Hawaii Tours.


El Monte Depot USA


Across America with El Monte RV, Alamo Car Rental & Aston Hotels & Resorts

May 2014

Tanya is treated to try out a few of our products with El Monte, Alamo and Aston in the USA.


Taj Majal with Peirce and Leslie

India with Peirce and Leslie

April 2014

Kylee and Kym explore India with Peirce and Leslie.


West coast road trip with el monte

West Coast Road Trip by Motorhome and Car

January 2014

Jacey and Cosima embark on a 2 week road trip with Alamo and El Monte through the USA’s west coast.



West coast road trip Bixby bridge

West Coast Highlights

January 2014

Get our recommendations on the best to see & do on your west coast road trip.



Alamo road trip Europe

 Self drive experience in Europe!

Our friends report back on their experience road tripping through Europe with a car booked through our car rental brand, Compass Cars.


Eaglerider Australia ride Sydney

 Roads like ribbons, gently draped across the landscape

A perfect day’s ride along picturesque Putty Road in Australia’s Blue Mountains, with bikes from Eaglerider Sydney. The photos will convince you! Or you can watch the video evidence here.