Asia Pacific Travel Marketing Services

Your link to effective travel marketing and representation in Australia and New Zealand.

Asia Pacific Travel Marketing Services (APTMS)  has been offering quality representation services since 1985, and attributes its long-standing success to a fluid understanding of its clients’ requirements and the travel industry environment both in Australia and New Zealand. By way of consistent communication, correct positioning of products and targeted sales and marketing strategies that are result orientated we are able to maximise the potential return of our combined efforts.

Our staff all yield extensive experience and have earned the respect of their industry colleagues across retail, wholesale, aviation and tourism bodies alike; a vital link in the acceptance of client products represented to market by APTMS.

Within the Australian and New Zealand travel industries, OTAs, wholesale operators and multi-outlet retail organisations dominate.

It is essential that featured brochure inclusion and preferred product status selling agreements are captured for improved product distribution and market share.   There are also a wide range of independent and small cluster travel agents, including a number of emerging home-based agency groups, that have more specific needs.  APTMS works with each of these channels to ensure the best possible outcome for emerging products.

The selective range of products represented plays an important role in the increase of client sales revenue through cross-fertilisation of sales leads and reservation functions.

APTMS is independently owned and operated.

In short, APTMS is your link to an effective presence and travel representation in Australia and New Zealand.